3D Rendering and Visualization Services

Professional 3D Visualization and Rendering
of Log and Timber Homes

The MIG 3D Vision creates professional architectural 3D renderings of Log and Timber Homes, small cabins, cottages, bungalows.
We provide 3D visualizations of the highest quality, in 4K resolution - 4000 pixels. Our visualizations are distinguished by detailed elaboration of 3D models and special attention to details and minutiae, which are so dear to architects who have spent a lot of their time creating an unique project, and who want to see it on 3D visualization exactly as it was designed.
Since many people do not have spatial thinking, 3D Renderings of log and timber homes helps to convey the architect's idea to the customer. To help the customer to present his future dream home, as well as to the architect, to justify to the customer his design and constructive solutions.
Additionally, 3D rendering can help architects identify potential issues with the design before construction begins. This can save time and money in the long run. Finally, 3D rendering is a powerful marketing tool that can help sell log and timber homes by providing clients with a realistic view of what they can expect from their new home.

Log and Timber Homes 360° 3D Rendering

360° 3D Rendering of Log or Timber Homes for your website. This service provided by MIG 3D Vision is an important addition to still visualization, but can be ordered separately. This service is in demand by companies engaged in the development of projects of Log and Timber Homes, low-rise buildings, the sale of Log and Timber Home plans.
Most people do not have developed spatial thinking, and cannot read the drawings and floor plans and imagine the appearance of the house. Our service of 360° 3D rendering for a website provides your potential customers the opportunity, online, in detail, and from all sides, to lookup the house they are interested in. And make an order with full confidence in their choice.
The model is shown from one angle of camera. The model contains control buttons, which gives your potential customer the ability to control the overview of the model: rotate it, zoom in and out, enable and disable auto rotation, expand the view to the full screen. 360° 3D Rendering has the ability to embed interactive functions: shows of informational text blocks, popup images, web links, etc.

Architectural 3D Animation of Log and Timber Homes

High-quality architectural 3D animation of log and timber homes allows the architect to focus the customer's attention on the most important details of your architectural project, and to interest the customer in an exciting way.
Using 3D animation to sell log and timber homes projects for marketing purposes quickly delivers important information to your potential customer, skipping unnecessary details, and focusing his attention on the key and most important features of your log home project.
The MIG 3D Vision will create for you a high-quality architectural 3D animation of your Log or Timber Home project. An animated video will help attract the attention of your potential customers and decorate your website.


Fly-Through 3D Animation of Log and Timber Homes

Fly-Through 3D Animation is the most vivid and effective way to submit your Log or Timber Home plan to the customer. Animated 3D video provides more opportunities compared to still 3D visualizations. 3D Animation makes it possible to demonstrate all the advantages of your project to the customer, doing it in a relaxed, playful way. Architectural 3D video is guaranteed to focus the customer's attention on the most important details of his future home. The video will convey your architectural idea to the customer by showing a log or timber home from favorable angles and in a lifelike environment.
High-quality Architectural 3D Animation from MIG 3D Vision, rendered in Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) will decorate the main page of your website, and in itself will push potential customers to cooperate with your company. You can place your architectural video on the pages of social networks or on video hosting (Vimeo, YouTube), thereby advertising your company and attracting potential customers.

3D Animation of Log or Timber Home Construction Process

3D Animation of the construction process of a Log or Timber Homes — this type of animation is an educational video, and is necessary for companies engaged in the construction of houses made of log or timber.
This type of 3D Animation from MIG 3D Vision allows you to explain to your customers in a exciting way how their future home is being built. To demonstrate in detail how, in what sequence, in what time frame and from what materials their future Log or Timber Home is going to be made. The video of the timber house construction demonstrates the entire process of building a house, from the foundation to the roof. A video of this type, provided with comments, will avoid many questions from customers and simplify the work of your company's sales managers, thereby speeding up the order processing and increasing labor productivity.


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